Wildlife Photography – Aquarium

Photographing wildlife is something I really enjoy and watching nature documentaries (especially ones by Sir David Attenborough) I always wish that I had the opportunities to travel the world exploring nature. Sadly in London the extent we have are urban foxes and manky pigeons. (There is more to offer in London that this, however this is generally what I see!)

Wildlife can still be captured indoors and for improving your skills it is not a bad place to start. I recently went to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and took my camera with. The added bonus of going to the aquarium versus outdoor is that I didn’t have to fork out on expensive waterproof casing (and no chance of getting eaten by sharks!).

One of the best tips I have for photographing wildlife in captivity is a polarising lens filter. Many animals are behind glass, and often your images will have a reflection from the glass. The easiest way to get rid of this is by using a polarising lens filter. This are readily available and will change the way in which reflections and glare are seen by your camera.

I will always try to go outdoors and capture more wildlife, I just need to research places more

Happy Snapping, CJeffers x

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